Kauniainen Music Festival

08.07.2013 hrs 13:35
Kauniainen Music Festival is a new and different hybrid festival, where both ageless and age-bound music and words meet. The music festival is arranged at the end of October and beginning of November in the capital region, for the fourth time this year.
The artistic director of the music festival is Seppo Kimanen. Besides the interaction between music and words, the music festival specialises in dialogue between generations, where young musicians are offered an opportunity to share the stage and play music together with more experienced artists.

The Kauniainen Music Festival support organization is a non-profit, bilingual association. Its purpose is to cultivate and promote local, national and international musical activities. To achieve its purpose, the association organises the non-profit Kauniainen Music Festival every year.

The most central partners are the city of Kauniainen, the congregations in Kauniainen, The Music Institute of Kauniainen, The Kauniainen School of Visual Arts and Grani Latu. We co-operate with both local and other companies. Some private persons support the festival. Additionally, the music festival uses an Érard grand piano donated by a private person.