Kauniainen Music Festival reached its halfway milestone

01.11.2013 hrs 15:45
Kauniainen Music Festival 2013 reached the day before yesterday its halfway milestone. The eight days festival started on Sunday 27 October and will continue until Sunday 3 November. We are still going to see a number of very thought provoking presentations and extraordinarily memorable concerts.

Ticket sales have been very active and many of the concerts and presentations have been sold out. Rajaton, an a cappella ensample performed in the opening concert of the festival. Almost 300 people were present in the concert, an all-time record for Kauniainen Music Festival. The performance on the first day of the festival of a monologue production for Fyodor Dostoevsky’s drama the Idiot was seen by a full house of audience in the rich atmosphere of Vallmogård villa.

Dahlkvist quartet performed twice early on during the week and gained high attention among the audience and media. As the concert of the Dahlkvist quartet in atelier Kukkapuro was sold out very quickly another performance was organised for the quartet in the Kauniainen church. The young quartet also found time to perform in the Min Morgon program in the local TV. Dalhkvist quartet got very positive criticism by the critics of Helsingin Sanomat
and Huvudstadsbladet, the main local newspapers.

The atelier Kukkapuro, perhaps the most interesting of the concert venues has provided experiences for both ears and eyes. The inspiring milieu has 50 different kinds of chairs designed by the owner of the atelier. Numerous sculptures and pictures surround the space, both inside and outside.

Kauniainen Music Festival still offers during the rest of the week a number of very interesting events really worth attending. We are going to see the timeliest presentations by Jari Sinkkonen, a child psychiatrist and researcher Charly Salonius-Pasternak. The string quartet theme of the festival goes on with the performances by Wihan and Kamus quartets. Paavali Jumppanen, one of the internationally most distinguished Finnish concert pianists performs in the much anticipated closing concert. Signum quartet also performs in the closing concert, their first performance in Finland.

Photographs: Kai Kuusisto