Kauniainen Music Festival 2017: A bravely renewed program

12.05.2017 hrs 09:51

Kauniainen Music Festival is arranged for the eighth time between 28 October and 5 November 2017. Conductor and violinist Jan Söderblom, the festival’s new artistic director, has planned a bravely renewed program for the familiar platforms. Science and philosophy have gotten an even bigger role and scientific and philosophical discussions are sandwiched between the string quartet interpretations. Various workshops and pop-up concerts supplement the music and discussions, creating a unique mood.

During the earlier artistic director Seppo Kimanen’s time, the festival grew from a local five-day festival to a festival gathering its audience from the whole country, lasting from one weekend to the next.

“The Finnish festival scene is a cornucopia. My goal is that we shall contribute with something unique, something that the capital region will see as an inspiring must-see during the darkest times of the autumn,” says Jan Söderblom.

A new, eventful program

During this year’s music festival, we several times investigate how the music and the discussion incite each other. Wunderkammer, Quattro e quattro and Chamber music on the way home are new parts, and represent the new elements of the program.

This year, we have invited several domestic string quartets; Meta4KamusBorea and The New Helsinki Quartet, and international ones; Long Island String Quartet LISQ from Sweden and David Oistrakh String Quartet from Russia.

The program also includes the first performance in Finland of Sebastian Fagerlund’s, one of Finland’s most successful contemporary composers, new work. You will also see performances by e.g. Sami Pihlström, Sara Heinämaa, Minna LindgrenEero Tarasti, Folke Gräsbeck, Piia Komsi and the music festival’s artistic director Jan Söderblom. 

The whole program!

Jessica Jensen